Heal Your Lineage by Talking with Your Ancestors


Are you interested in where you came from? For many of us this can be a mystery. Vanished parents, unknown grandparents, immigrant origins with no clue about where home was for our ancestors, adoptions, divorces, or ancestral homes and cultures devasted by war, oppression, political or natural disasters.

Imagine if that rootless feeling could find home ground. Imagine communicating with the missing links in your family story. What if you can? What if you can have a new possibility for ease being here on planet Earth?

Many of us have tragedies in our family tree–untimely deaths and unresolved griefs, families are torn asunder by circumstances. Some families harbor episodes of violence, addiction, mental illness, and intense emotions passed down through generations, their origins forgotten. Extra-marital liasons, adopted or fostered children, hushed up at the time because of cultural norms.

In my own Vale of Ancestors I encountered an entire family line cut off when my ancestor lied about his name and origins. He took the truth to his grave, too ashamed and afraid to unmask his false identity. His intentional secrecy prevented all the love and blessings of life from his lineage to join the flow, the river of life, that was trickling down the generations to me and my brothers. He wept when I understood and forgave him. Then he vanished, the healing complete, his ancestors joined to the flow of life through his descendents.

Together, we can bring you into connection with your ancestors. We can uncover the missing stories, heal the wounds, facilitate forgiveness. You can speak directly to those key figures in your lineage involved with blockage of the flow of the energies vital to love, happiness, health and wealth. You can return the unwanted “heirlooms” of grief, loss, illness, addiction, whatever has been handed to you as a child that you never experienced having choice about, and in the returning, heal the original wounds.

If life is offering you a platter of cake and ice cream and toppings and every other delicious treat, and your hands are full holding this old stuff your forebears handed you, you won’t be able to receive the bounty. Together, we can transform that old baggage along with the ancestors and circumstances where it originated. And when we do, life will open into new possibilities for you and your other living family members. What is more beautiful than receiving such blessings?

photo of Ziporah Hildebrandt